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Hello! Natasha here. Welcome! I’m excited to finally start a blog based on my love of all things dance & movement. Dance in the context of it as a powerful source of self-expression, creativity and an effective pathway to healing… Always my personal saving grace, be it dancing in my kitchen or exploring how our minds and bodies are connected.

The connection between dance, movement, creativity, self-expression, mind, body, spirit and soul can help us learn more about ourselves and others.. and its a lot of fun too. I’m kind of passionate about that.  In this space, I hope to add articles with concepts that may be of use to other practitioners.  I will also be including guest bloggers with interesting ways of working with dance, movement, body etc..  I’m also hoping to get you all moving, so if I find something interest going on I’ll leave it here too.  Feel free to leave comments!  

– Natasha Sackey

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