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Natasha Sackey
ADMP Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist

Welcome to my therapy practice

As an ADMP registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist, I offer my clients a private, relaxed and informal space, where we can work together in confidence about any troubling issues they may be experiencing. Often words aren’t enough to explain all that we feel, especially when we don’t know what is at the root of our painful emotions. At times, we are too overwhelmed by our thinking, and we feel stuck and unable to move forward.  My approach to helping you to help you shift perspective involves working with your unique mind and body connection to take your whole experience into account.  I am a conscientious therapist who works in-depth with clients to address communication difficulties, conscious and unconscious patterns, and defenses that prevent them from experiencing their relationships and wellbeing to the fullest and their authentic selves.


Common reasons men, women, and young people come for private sessions with me include:

  • Experiencing anxiety, stress, rumination, and self-blame

  • Coping with depression

  • Low self-confidence and adverse life events

  • Issues concerning personal development, relationships, and fulfilment

  • Bereavement and loss

  • Work-related difficulties

  • Psychosomatic illnesses

  • Trauma and childhood neglect

  • Personal development and exploring identity issues; including race, cultural and social-political connection with the world.

I have particular experience in the areas of:

  • Working with young people, children, and parents, especially those with neurodiverse conditions including dyslexia, autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, and other neurological, learning, and/or sensory challenges.

  • Stress or living with health problems (e.g. burn out, ME, fibromyalgia, back pain, menopause symptoms)

  • Workplace performance anxiety and stress management

  • Emotional disturbance (e.g. unable to process grief, express anger, blocked emotions)

  • Mentoring and coaching body awareness for individuals, groups, and organisations

  • Problems with communication -finding words that express what is going on within oneself

  • Difficulties with connecting to oneself or body image – including the relationship with food/eating

  • Existential problems and coping  with life transitions- becoming a mother, parenthood, postnatal depression, divorce, loss of self or direction

  • Working with professional performers (speakers, artists, dancers, musician, and actors)

I also work with individuals and with organisations for approaches to wellbeing and mental health awareness with staff members and as a coach, mentor, and facilitator on wider organisational issues.

Before you decide to begin therapy, you may have some questions about what the process might entail or how it might help you. Since evidence suggests that it is the relationship between you and your therapist that has one of the most significant impacts on the success of the work you do in healing. Please feel welcome to book a free 15 min consultation via telephone, and we can have a short conversation prior to you thinking about booking a session. You can also read my blog for information about Dance Movement Psychotherapy.

I also offer (by request) an online practice that is accessible for people with mobility difficulties, or for those who find it difficult to attend sessions in person.

Practice opening times

I am based in Clapham, Kensington, and South London. I see clients on the following days:

Wednesday: 9 am to 5 pm
Thursday: 3 pm to 8 pm
Friday: 3 pm to 8 pm
Saturday Sunday and Bank Holidays: Closed

All calls and messages to my practice are confidential.
I take referrals from businesses, GPs, and other therapists.


Ongoing weekly Therapy £80 - £100 (Scaling)

Online Zoom/ Telehealth session - £75
Coaching for movement & body awareness – £95 
Individual Somatic Body Mapping – £120 (2hr session)
(Packages available on request)


Lower-Cost Therapy: I can offer four therapy slots for individual clients seeking therapy support on low-income. Please contact me directly regarding my current availability.

Group Therapy: Group sessions are closed groups. Please register your interest, and I will contact you regarding new start dates for groups.

Other CPD training: Somatic Body Mapping Mentorship, Gestalt practices including Child and Adolescent approaches, Race, Body and Trauma, and Mixed Heritage Dilemmas.

Natasha Sackey MA RDMP is a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist with the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK. A Somatic Body Mapping practitioner trained by Annette Schwalbe and a member of the Black and Asian Therapist Network.

Contact me now for a free 15 min consultation

07854 288 706 (text or call)

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