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Somatic Body Mapping

A creative process using Art and Movement that allows you to explore and creatively communicate the stories that live in your body.


We experience ourselves, others and the world through our bodies. The body holds our individual stories, memories and life’s journey so far. Somatic Body Mapping provides a creative space to tap into a level of body-consciousness. This will enable reflection on your own past stories, understanding of your relationship with self, and access to your own intuitive wisdom going forward.

Essentially body mapping helps us reconnect to our own sense of self and identity. Ideal for all people going through transitional phases of life eg. post-natal women, young people in transition, and those experiencing life changes.

With workshops held in small groups, the creative process is powerful yet intimate. Participants create a life-sized body map of themselves using their choice of art materials on canvas, which they can take away with them at the end of the programme.

Natasha is a Somatic Body Mapping practitioner trained and mentored by Annette Schwalbe 

Natasha quickly formed a good rapport and relationships. She was sensitive and flexible to the girl's needs, They found the therapy helpful and expressed that the reflective time had given them hope about the future, and about moving onto college.

Sally Jones

Art Teacher, Coteland PRU

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