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Expressive Arts

Move To Express, Not Impress – Dance as a Form Of Therapeutic Self-Expression.

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‘Move to Express, Not Impress’ is about accessing dance as a form of our own self-expression, by working with the inherent qualities of dance and movement. When experienced in this way it helps the participant tap into their interconnectivity and motivates their outer expressivity. This programme helps young people to communicate when words aren’t enough to express themselves.

Our Expressive Arts program uses a combination of performing, creative and therapeutic arts techniques. The course supports personal development by exploring self-expression, promotes self awareness and encourages social, interpersonal and positive personal identity development during adolescence, which can be a challenging stage for young people.

Our approach to working with young people is to provide creative, therapeutic & artistic opportunities that allow for young people to experience a self-affirming sense of themselves. It can be used to tackle many issues, from sexual health, body issues, periods of transitions and personal development, confidence and self esteem.

Within SEN, the programme is offered as a targeted service that adopts a blended learning and psycho-educational approach aimed at early and preventative levels of therapeutic intervention.

This programme is also offered with an option of accreditation with Arts Award.

As an outstanding SEN school, creating an inclusive Performing arts programme is an important part of the vision for our school. The expressive arts programme Natasha Sackey has developed with us allows our students to shine. Consistently, Natasha’s work with us has been observed as outstanding.

Natasha Johnson

Associate Headteacher, Pield Heath House School (SEN) and 6th form Provision-London

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